Monday, May 19, 2003


And so, from here on out, the East Coast Hockey League will be known as... the ECHL.

Y'know, like KFC.

Sure, it's a bit anti-climactic, but it does make sense. A drastic name change would have been a pain. Covering the Ice Bats post-merger, I was constantly saying things like "the current CHL," "the old CHL," "in the combined history of the CHL and WPHL" or "the former WPHL." That kind of thing is still gonna happen with the ex-WCHL teams on board, but at least there won't have to be sentences like 36 players from the So-and-So Hockey League (formerly the East Coast Hockey League) were on rosters in the 2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Turns out it's all about a friggin' monkey for the Mighty Ducks as well. I'm surpised Jack the chimp isn't in the mix.

ESPN's E.J. Hradek comes out and says what the Ottawa writers can't quite bring themselves to: The Devils are going to win this series, even if they lose Game 5, which is doubtful.

Good piece on Odessa's Scott Hillman, and another reason why I love the minors: even though NHL players come from all kinds of different backgrounds, most of them are NHL players first and foremost. They will have a "life after hockey," but they don't have to have one at the same time.

So... if and when Express Sports gets to Topeka, you can't tell me that won't be something of a personal vindication for Mr. Lund. Though that's still no reason to rush into the market for this season.

So what if the NBA is way more popular than the NHL. Has there ever been a playground baller or NCAA kid who dreamed of hoisting The Larry O'Brien Trophy?

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