Monday, May 05, 2003


Ah well. It was a proud and gritty Flyers squad. The seeds of this defeat were sown a long time ago -- no power play, goaltending issues, failure to take charge of the division (sure would have been nice to play the Bruins and the Lightning). It was fertilized by the failure to dispatch the Leafs in fewer games (if only 'cause of injuries).

Now what the heck are they gonna do about the goalie? He's got a year left on his contract and there aren't any blue chip starters available. They could ask Phoenix about Burke (or get back Boucher, ha!). Or maybe Mike Richter will get healthy and wear the hometown colors that he should have all along. It'd be worth the one year risk.

Now it's time my customary change of focus. Go Stars!

And despite what I said before about liking the Devils, I can certainly get behind the Sens -- quality team, plus they're Canadian and have that whole Cinderella bankruptcy thing going for 'em. Also, who wouldn't like to see Roger Neilson's name on the Cup?

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