Sunday, April 13, 2003

Trivia question -- what do Pavel Machuta, Eric Wenkus, T.J. Warkus, Samuel DuPlain, Sandis Girvitch and Dominic Leveille have in a common?

Okay -- how 'bout Mitch Ahearn, Jaroslav Jabrocky, Simon Duplessis, Marc Varteressian, Matt Smith, Neil Breen, Andrew Oke, and Jean-Francois Picard.?

That's should make it easy. You're looking at a full roster's worth of guys who almost were or used to be Laredo Bucks. That was one of the most impressive things about the job Ruskowski did -- remarkable in-season recruiting that had no effect on chemistry, from Ask and Gilmore to getting Lundbohm from the Rampage to the Petruic trade to the late addition of Stefan Keski-Kungas (it's more fun when you say his full name). And yet, it's not like they weren't good from the start, and fairly stable. Ten players from October made it to the playoffs (Kotsopolous would have been the 11th), including five defensemen.
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