Saturday, April 12, 2003

Told ya.

Stat of the day -- Austin's regular season record when allowing three goals or more was 8-10-2. Remarkably, they allowed two, one or zero goals in the other 44 games. But that's 71% of their regulation losses -- and also highlights the fact that they won a lot of games without much scoring, which is why the PP has been so crucial for them.

So yeah, the Bats have taken the last two Southern Conference Final contests 4-3, but their target tonight should be to hold the Bucks to two -- a difficult task down at the LEC. A lot depends on the status of Morten Ask and Andy Lundbohm. Good luck to both teams.

Yeah, what is up with Trent Eigner's case? The county web site has court dates for Rodolfo Alarcon and Melissa Eigner, but not the former Buzzards boss. One might suggest several scenarios worthy of an episode of Law and Order, but this is not an area for idle speculation (as opposed to, say, coaching rumors in Odessa and San Angelo).

Dean Larson is the Joe Burton of Alaska.

WHA, the ACHL turning into the WHA2, the Canadian Federal Hockey League... is your head spinning too?
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