Friday, April 25, 2003

That's the first time I've ever had two meals at a hockey game. Steve Levy's fault, of course.

I was gonna write about it, but that was when I thought I'd be back at the computer by 11.

One pet peeve though: I hate when people say things like "a Philippe Boucher goal in the fourth overtime was nullified by an offsides call." Semantically speaking, if the play was offsides the goal never happened. And in this case that was absolutely true. I heard the whistle. Giguere heard the whistle. It was a split-second thing, but he'd already stopped playing.

Good luck to the Bats. I really do wonder if Hughes will think about a goalie switch, just to change things up. It's desperate, but the Bats are desperate. Take sentimentality (i.e. Barnes' retirement plans) out of the equation and it's sure something to chew on.

And yeah, before Don asks, damn right I'm choosing Flyers-Sens over CHLTV. Hopefully there's more hockey in Austin to look forward to, but if not, I've seen that movie before.
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