Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Sorry to bring up football at a time like this, but I reckon it was a better world when sports teams were owned by rich kooks like Leonard Tose, instead of corporate CEOs and sober businessmen.

I kind of missed the most obvious point regarding Jasmin Roy, which is that you can't protect every single player in a futures deal. There'll be more of that to come, from such teams as Corpus, Lubbock, Memphis, Oklahoma City and Wichita.

And speaking of the Thunder, though the league hasn't announced it, Derek Laxdal says the basic CHL roster guidelines are to stay the same. Welcome to vet status, Scott Hillman, Mike Gaffney, Dan Price and Mike Tilson. One game, Tilson had to miss. But he was on an injury-prone team that was fighting for the playoffs 'til the final day.
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