Friday, April 11, 2003


Laredo-Austin Game Four recap at In the Crease. FWIW, Barnes told me the whistle blew, and I did hear the league had no problem with the call. But I'm sure Gilmore feels differently.

Anyway, such are the breaks and bounces. Regardless of who wins, I would have been disappointed if this series did not go six or seven.

And I am disappointed the Northern series isn't guaranteed to. Ken McRae must be feeling big-time deja-vu with the 2001 Austin-Bossier first round, during which the Bats had a chance to win every game but didn't (including three overtime losses). Needless to say, no team has ever come back from 3-0 in CHL/WPHL history.

I propose we get Bonnie Bernstein to ask Shedden and Hughes about the Toronto and Boston AHL jobs.

I know Bill McDonald liked Jasmin Roy, so either there isn't room for him on the protected list, he plans to play in another league or he'll just get more ice time with the Brahmas. Something tells me this won't be the last Fort Worth-New Mexico deal we see, given Macker and Bill Inglis' past history.

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