Friday, April 04, 2003

Huge pick-up for the Rampage in rookie defenseman Lukas Krajicek, who would have been with them all season if he were a year older. More importantly, Pierre Dagenais' return means Eric Schneider stays with the Bucks (and was there tonight).

I'm about to get into the car and drive to New Orleans (well, Houston for now), so all I can say is, the better team won. Barnes was amazing, and so was the Bats PK, but I thought Laredo got the better of things more minutes than not.

Until OT, when the Bats should have scored at least twice (one just wide, one post), but didn't. Andy Lundbohm now has three winners in a row and Lance Leslie came back from his hiatus with a shutout.

Six more like this would be fine by me (except for the score of course).
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