Thursday, April 10, 2003


Hey, weren't the Stars undefeated in the postseason when B.J. Thomas sang, or did that end in 2001?

And did you know the playoffs are a marathon, not a sprint? I did not realize that.

Ah well. It's just one game.

Same goes for the Flyers. It's true Cechmanek was no good, he said it himself. But his teammates didn't always play "Hitch hockey," which put the Leafs in a position to do damage. Anyway, I don't believe the Flyers will play that loosely Friday. They'll take it to them.

Back in our little corner of the hockey world, I have a hard time believing Brian Kennedy is gung-ho to ditch the CHL (I figure he's just doing his job, protecting the county's interests and negotiating stance). But I disagree with the notion that El Paso wouldn't be attractive to another league. You can't rule out anything with the current ECWCHL, especially if SMG gets in on a second-go-round at a new arena. Even if that doesn't happen, how could a league with teams stretching from Beaumont to Boise but nowhere in between not take an interest?

Gotta respect the fact that the Oklahoma City paper can simultaneously deify Joe Burton and realistically peg him as the Blazers' third most valuable player. I'm sure the Hardy-bashing contingent (a group to which I do not belong) howled at that one, while every fan kinda wishes a goalie had been one of the top three.

Also, if you missed it, check out the Fort Collins paper's road trip feature on Sauter and the boys (as a colleague joked, "I think some guy even wrote a book like that").

Ok, let me get this straight -- the Jacks purposefully sat out John Bossio to preserve his non-vet status (a common but not often openly acknowledged practice) while implying that other CHL teams don't follow the rules to a T? I'm confused.

Er, comment vous dites "Maineiacs" en fran├žais?

Finally, congratulations to former San Angelo/Macon d-man Rob Sandrock and the Ice Hockey Superleague Playoff Champion Belfast Giants. Now U.K. hockey is headed for some changes.

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