Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Here's a way to spice up the President's Cup stakes: winning coach gets promoted to the AHL!

Another batch of picks:

Mitch Cooper says Bats in 7, in his team preview at In the Crease.

Barry Lewis, Tulsa World
Memphis in six games; Shedden won't be denied his fourth CHL title.

Bob Hersom, Daily Oklahoman
Memphis is so hot, I'm surprised the RiverKings can keep ice. They swept four straight from Indy and have won their last six playoff games. They had to win Games 4 and 5 to beat Oklahoma City and they did that to advance to the semis. In nine playoff games center Kahlil Thomas is plus-11, right winger and two-time MVP Don Parsons has scored eight goals and left winger Jonathan Gagnon has made 7 of 24 shots. That trio has 19 goals and 41 points in nine playoff games. Memphis goalie Mark Richards isnt quite as good as Austin's Matt Barnes, but Austin doesn't have near enough offense to stay with the Kings. Memphis in seven.

Rick Mauch, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Austin in six. The Ice Bats have it all, scoring, defense, goaltending -- especially goaltending -- and they are well-coached. Perhaps the thing they have going for them the most is they are starving for a championship, as are the fans. Memphis, a veteran team, is crafty, though. They didn't get this far by luck. But I just don't see them keeping up with the Ice Bats over the course of seven game series.

John Kaltelfleiter, Amarillo Globe-News
I'm taking Austin in seven games. At this point, goaltending is what wins championships, and Matt Barnes is pretty hot, right now. Just ask the offensive-minded Bucks. Don't get me wrong, Memphis is a great team. Landmesser is awesome and Parsons is, well, the most dangerous scorer in the league. The Bats, though, get my vote.

Roland Flores, Laredo Morning Times
Austin over Memphis in six games.The BIG difference this year is Matt Barnes. The Bats are a veteran club that has played consistently all season and shows no signs of letting up soon, while the Kings managed to get in late in the season. Bats defense is tough.
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