Saturday, April 26, 2003


Good god! The Mighty Ducks have yet to lose a postseason game.

President's Cup Finals Prediction Contest Breakdown
Obviously, the Hockey Blog readership skews towards Austin people, plus there are no Memphis fans around the CHL-U (except the ones who only showed up for the Finals, at least as far as posting goes).

So it goes without saying that clairvoyance was in pretty short supply -- to say nothing of objectivity.

49 people picked the Bats. One said Bats in four. Two said Bats in five. 32 said Bats in six. 14 said Bats in seven.

17 people picked the Kings. Four said Memphis in seven. Ten said Memphis in six. Three said Memphis in five.

And as Hockey Crazy surmised, none of the three picked Kahlil Thomas MVP, and his 25 goal projection came closer than wildmanblazer's 21, as well as Reevie's 44.

So score one for the cowbell ringing heckler!

As for the pundits, 14 said Austin, 10 said Memphis. Only Rayz captain Ken Richardson got it exactly right.

And sadly, dunlopyoustink will have to take this back.

Not much more to say -- I could revisit my "ten questions" but obviously Austin had the wrong answer to every single one, from dropping the first game at home (still the lowest moment of the series despite Game 3 and 4) to sub-par special teams to Greg Lakovic outscoring all 16 Austin players (Lakovic's four goals in the series equalled his career postseason output, and was one fewer goal than Austin's ten forwards had combined).

At least the series ended on a better note: as Hughesy said, if the Bats had played every game like that they would have never been in such a hole. When Matt Barnes said, everything they've gotten we've given to them that wasn't sour grapes, just an acknowledgment that his team simply didn't play well enough to handle the defending champs.

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