Tuesday, April 01, 2003


Don't ya love a good conspiracy?

Well I'll tell ya, I had a layover in Arizona the other day, and tucked inside the paper toilet seat covers in a men's lavatory at Sky Harbor Airport, I found this leather folder. "WTHM" was embossed on the cover in gold letters, and inside were the minutes of the last Central Hockey League Board of Governor's Meeting. Turns out it's all true!

Item 1 was:
Which team can we plot against now that Bossier isn't in the playoffs?

My sources tell me that in a close 9-7 decision, Memphis won out over Austin. The weird thing is, the RiverKings voted for themselves -- in exchange for an agreement to make eye-gouging legal.

Item 2 was:
Let New Mexico win a couple of rounds in return for W.D. Sports "saving" Corpus Christi.

Guess they never got the memo.

And Item 3, well, it had "CLASSIFIED" stamped on it and a bunch of words blacked out with magic marker, but when I shined a flashlight on it I could clearly make out the following words:

Operation Smokin' Joe's Third Cup.

Personally, I'm outraged!

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