Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Can a team with no goals from its leading regular season goalscorer (Smart) and one productive line (STP) afford to lose a member of that line? Unlikely. I'm afraid that once again, the hockey Gods prefer pulled pork and Elvis to brisket and Willie.

At this point I have to agree with my friend (and fellow Flyers' follower) Patty, who says it feels like Ice Bats-Red Wings '97. The Flyers had home ice. It was supposed to be a decent series. But it didn't take long before the evidence of Detroit's superiority was overwhelming, even when the Flyers had every chance to get back in the series. The only good thing you can say about Austin right now is they have yet to bring their "A" game. But the opponent has a lot to do with that, and they're running out of time.

Though like Hughesy always says, two goals is the worst lead in hockey!
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