Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Bob, Bob, Bob ... don't you understand? Just like plants need carbon dioxide to stay alive, the Warrior needs people to notice he exists, even when they trash him.

TW must have bashed the Jacks pretty good on a message board or via private e-mail, 'cause he hasn't written a column in six weeks (and apparently will not again, I've heard that too). He got under Bob Hards' skin so good that after Game 5's final buzzer, a time when the Odessa broadcaster was otherwise taking heartfelt and appropriate stock of a trying but inspired season, he referred to the Warrior as "persona non grata," then devoted a minute of airtime to him, concluding with this priceless homily: "I've got a mistletoe in my back pocket." (Get it?) Score another one for Howard's ego.

And speaking of ego... people like to say that certain refs make themselves "bigger than the game." Shoot, if I was Dan Boyd and I heard 2000 people chanting BOYD YOU SUCK, BOYD YOU SUCK, I just might start to believe I was!

And folks, DirkDigler isn't eating crow, he's laughing his ass off. Don't be sucked in by his shtick. He's not really an Odessa fan, he just likes winding people up, under several screen names. So Jeff, who you gonna jaw with this round, your favorite farm team's followers or your good old pal BB?

Anyway, my heart goes out to the Jackalopes for sure. After taking one in Laredo I really thought home ice, Gorman and the memory of a year ago would get it done. It's certainly no coincidence the Bucks were 3-0 with Schneider. As coach Roscoe said Saturday, his presence helps the second line get better match-ups, and sure enough, Andy Lundbohm had the winner once again. CHL Most Outstanding Defenseman Michel Periard also had a terrific series. And how 'bout that Marc-Andre LeClerc? He'll have to lose a game to sit again, and maybe not even then. Who knows, perhaps Leslie will be Arturs Irbe to his partner's Kevin Weekes. It's gotta be tough for the vet to sit this time of year.

Another guy with the hot hand is Jonathan DuBois. You could do worse than pick him for the winner Wednesday. Obviously Joe Burton or Don Parsons would also be good choices. Or how 'bout Anthony DiPalma, in OT? It's been quite a series -- ten majors in four meetings. I believe the other six teams combined for just two (the Frid-Sewell dust-up) in 13 games.

So now we'll see if home ice holds. I already picked the guys with the funny hair to win in five, but in the long run, I'm pulling for Ken McRae. So from my perspective, if the Ice happen to lose it may as well be to the Blazers -- an easier trip from Austin, and I can catch a Stars playoff game along the way (lest you think I'm looking ahead to the finals, I would make that trip for Blazers-Bucks as well). On the other hand, I sure do love pulled pork.

Great article about the Maple Leafs and refs. So who's the Pat Quinn of the CHL? Cast your vote!

Hey Scorpsfan, that's what I was gonna say! Specifically, that reading about Doug Frank's wish for an arena made me think of the WNBA deal in Connecticut. Seems like there's pueblo gaming every 10 miles around there. By the way, mark it down now: New Mexico is next year's Southwest champ.

Congratulations to former Ice Bats Dan McIntyre, the ACHL Goaltender of the Year, and Ryan Anderson, proud member of the ACHL champion Orlando Seals. Also, good call by Mike Sanderson, not going to El Paso.

And thanks to Monique Griffin and Jennifer Messick Rogers for helping spread the word about ZR.

Finally, go Rangers! (Seriously. It would amuse me. But it's never gonna happen, anymore than the Flyers are gonna overtake the Devs. Then again, tell that to Lubbock and Corpus Christi).

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