Wednesday, March 12, 2003

This just in: Bats win President's Cup. Not that I really blame the guy for failing to distinguish between two totally generic names.

Then again, the big one's proper monicker is "Ray Miron President's Cup" -- but most of us, including the league itself, are more interested in typing fewer words than preserving that all-important old-CHL flavor.

And now the "President's Cup" is also something the ACHL champion wins. Hey, why not Kelly? Or Stanley?

Moving on, I feel completely unenlightened by this description:
A train wreck of players in the crease ensued and amidst all of the bodies, the officials awarded Roberts a penalty shot.
How 'bout a little more information? (Shady? Hockeycrazy? Smilin Shark?) I suspect Rule 55c, 'cause if it was a Rule 51c situation, the Saints would have been awarded a goal outright.
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