Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Now that's the Grant Sjerven WPHL fans remember. Muscutt should send him flowers. If Bossier beats Amarillo they control their own destiny with the Gorillas, though they still need Tulsa or Memphis to lose two out of three.

Sorry I didn't get the chance to give Lubbock props for going 3-0, 'cause all I can say now is, playoff teams don't give up six unanswered goals -- or win road games about as often as El Paso.

But the C-Kings finish with the Buzzards, then the Brahmas, then the Saints, so the fourth seed remains theirs for the taking.

Corpus has a tougher path, with Laredo, San Angelo and Bossier-Shreveport. I'm thinking the Rayz either have to find a way to beat Laredo for a change, or hope the Bugs have nothing left to play for.

If the Scorps pick up the berth, they'll certainly have earned it -- Macker's squad finishes with Memphis, Indy and Wichita, all away, and can actually finish over .500 on the road.

Then again, they deserve a challenge after getting three of their last four against the the team with 10 players. Yeah yeah yeah, I know El Paso is plucky and inspiring, and they knocked off Amarillo, but you can't deny that the whole unfortunate mess has affected the schedule's integrity, almost as surely as if the team had gone under and games went unplayed or reapportioned.

For the record, Corpus holds the wins tiebreaker, while head-to-head is Lubbock over Corpus, New Mexico over Lubbock, New Mexico over Corpus. (Btw, I screwed up in an earlier entry, saying head-to-head came before wins, sorry 'bout that).

Four Questions
1. What's wrong with this caption (second picture)?

2. How smart does Colorado Eagles owner Ralph Backstrom look for passing on Tucson?

3. Are there any athletes named "Campbell" who teammates don't call Soupy?

4. And really, what the heck happened in Odessa seven minutes into the second period? Did somebody behind the Lubbock bench ask the same question as Hockeycrazy?

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