Friday, March 14, 2003


I've given Corpus Christi props before, wondering what their record might look like if they had fewer games against Austin and Laredo. But let's puncture the myth that the Rayz are far superior to Lubbock when it comes to facing Austin.

There's no question the Rayz have had relatively great success against the Bats, with four wins and a handful of close losses. There's also the issue of insufficient sample size. But the fact is, Lubbock has a better winning percentage (1-1-2, .500) against Austin than Corpus (4-7, .364) does, though the Rayz still get the nod for average goal differential.

Point being, from my Batscentric perspective, without taking anything away from Sims' squad, I don't consider the C-Kings to be a significantly less dangerous opponent. Plus -- it should almost go without saying -- this is hockey, the minute you discount a playoff rival is the minute they bite you in the ass.

Also, while the Southwest may or may not be weak, Lubbock played Laredo and Amarillo nearly as often as its division rivals.

But let's also add, to CKF's response -- that if you're gonna spin "what-might-have-beens" about breaking even on the road, the same goes for the Rayz. Shoot, every coach in the world will tell you that .500 on the road is how you make the playoffs. Bill McDonald's probably saying it in church.

Good day for bizarre transactions. Chicago traded Bob Clarke's son-in-law Peter White to the Flyers so the Phantoms could return him to the Blackhawks AHL affiliate in Norfolk. Meanwhile, it appears Dean McAmmond will not play again this season, as Calgary, Colorado and the NHL failed to realize they were not allowed to do a deal.

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