Tuesday, March 25, 2003


The Brent Scott era is over in San Angelo.

Let's send him out with contrasting quotes from two former players:

There's probably not one guy in San Angelo that [played] up to their potential, and if that's the players fault, so be it, but usually when a team's not playing up to their potential someone's not doing their job. It's unfortunate, because that team, on paper, they were unbelievable.


I've never played for a coach that cares more about his players on and off the ice than Brent Scott...for better or worse.

Former coach Barry Smith is said to be back in. Apparently, he's been working with the team since the last few games of the season -- an ironic echo of the night Dick Moore banished Eddie Johnstone to the stands, leaving then-assistant Scott to take over the job.

In other news... taking a cue from John Buccigross (good to have him back), here's a photo caption of my own: Hey Fred, want to get together for a latte after the game?.

And would you believe the Ice Bats have signed Brent Hughes? No fooling. He's on the playoff roster as one of the amateur players, but is still busy with his current team (I neglected to find out exactly where he plays now, but not Brampton).

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