Sunday, February 16, 2003


Ok, I know some folks are probably bored with all the Bats talk, so let's take a brief spin around the Saturday night games.

1. Break up the Brahmas!

2. Are "defense-first" teams supposed to score four unanswered goals?

3. And thus beating Austin means absolutely nothing. Nice win for El Paso though, they'd lost 7 straight to the Jacks since you-know-when.

4. Bossier is 13-0-1 since a loss to Memphis January 11. Will the streak end today? Will the Bugs get their revenge on Legs?

5. Memphis puts an end to Tulsa's five-game win streak and keeps on treading water.

6. But Amarillo seems a more likely playoff team, if only because they have two ways to do it (Northwest title, wild card) where Memphis and the Bugs have one. This would be a good time to rant about how unfair it is that Corpus, New Mexico and Lubbock have a chance to back in to the playoffs, but Fort Worth got there with a worse record than the Scorps and C-Kings last year.

7. This one looks like a Bats-Scorps game from 1997, except for the score that is. Austin is on track to break the CHL record for highest winning percentage (.781, set by Odessa last year) but would have to go 14-0-1 to get the points record (108, set by Columbus in a 70-game season).

8. And in a heated battle for 15th place, San Angelo takes two points in its fourth road win of the season, which is bound to have the clinically insane portion of the Thunder fan base issuing another call for Laxdal's head.

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