Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Good thing Wichita didn't beat the Jacks at home, 'cause I gather many Thunder fans would rather lose than sit through a game with just eight minutes of penalties. Wichita has picked up Joey Grasso, who has now played for three of the league's four last place teams.

Never mind all the Naslund-for-Stojanov talk... it's obvious that Forsberg for Eric Lindros was the worst trade in NHL history, even without the $15 million and all the other players. And I disagree, Johnsson and what became Donald Brashear and Sami Kapanen is more than the Flyers might have hoped for, especially if Big E never returns to form.

Great story here about Paul Kruse and British hockey.

You San Angelo fans are slipping. I forgot to include Scott Reid on my list of ROTY possibilities, and no one called me on it. Not that he has a chance to win (a familiar predicament for the young netminder).
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