Tuesday, February 18, 2003


And the nominees for most unfortunate statement in the course of a DUI apology are...

Ok, there's just the one -- Craig Coxe, for the following: ...what I've done is nowhere near what last year's coach did.

Classy. Plus it leaves out one important detail... the beleaguered Buzzards boss seems to be acknowledging his guilt. Trent Eigner has done no such thing. Coxe doesn't know what Eigner "did," he knows what his predecessor has been accused of. You'd think that distinction would be meaningful to someone who'd just posted bond himself.

So anyway, as long as we're making tacky comparisons, two quick morals to this story:

1. Do your drinking on the bus, not before you drive to meet it. Worried that might set a bad example? Too late!

2. Alleged drug dealers make better hockey coaches than apparent drunk drivers.

1. Derek Hahn for Rookie of the Year? He'd get my vote, if I still had one. There really isn't a slam-dunk candidate: Morin, Sewell, Racine and Thinel are other likely nominees (if I've forgotten someone, I'm sure a fan of his will let me know). It depends how much the voters weigh personal stats vs. the overall team context, but Hahn's got both departments covered -- he's a +25, point-per-game player, and the Apes are 23-9-1 since he showed up in December (they were 8-8 without him). Morin's a strong candidate as well, which means Thinel could win it if the Northwest voters split.

2. New team, different part of the world, unique suburban market. Nevertheless, every GM in the league has gotta ask themselves, what are the Colorado Eagles doing that we can learn from?

3. Midland Headline Writer Smacks Jacks With Disrespect: It's not really a shock when Odessa edges Austin in a shootout. On the other hand, Last-Place Buzzards Stun was perfectly appropriate (yup, El Paso is undefeated in games immediately following their coach's DUI arrest).

4. The Mudbugs could face the ultimate either/or: miss the playoffs entirely, or win another Cup. They're as good as anyone right now, 14-0-1 in their last 15. Logic says they won't quite make it, but logic is based on them going 10-5 or 9-6 to finish up. Who's to say they won't go 12-3? Doesn't leave much margin for error if you're not the Northwest winner.

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