Thursday, February 20, 2003


Actually, you can still buy yourself the Buzzards. No reserve (which is presumably why the other auction got cancelled by the seller).

Hey LvsRattlers, I know you want the best stuff on your own board, but why not post your playoff number-crunching here as well? And FWIW, my personal quibble with this week's Globe-News column was the fish-in-a-barrel shot at El Paso's low attendance ("pitiful"), which delivered the who/what/when/where, but not the why or how.

Word is the University of Texas wasn't interested in allowing the Bats to wear Longhorns-style sweaters for the upcoming Blazers game, or maybe Brent Hughes just realized it'd be bad luck (now if they played the game on neutral ice in Dallas, I'd be truly worried).

Recommended clicks: Hockey Jimm's site for a collection of WPHL jerseys, Classic Sports to buy newly made t-shirts for, among other things, old Central teams (who can resist the Albuquerque Six-Guns?) and, which is truly The Onion of minor league hockey.

Here's further confirmation of the CHL's interest in Lafayette (thanks to Hans Hornstein for the link). What's amazing is it's possible Express Sports could swoop right in and start anew, with no obligation to the Coast...Speaking of, I'd sure love to see this alleged "CHL" logo on the back of this Texas Wildcatters puck.

Gotta wonder if Lubbock has something up their sleeve with that U.K. player, since the ISL's regular season isn't over until the end of March. But like the release says, the team has never gotten a European signing here in time, so it could be the same old hedge... Reading about Savannah's hockey potential (or lack thereof) is a timely reminder of how much external crap the owners and GMs we all love to bitch about deal with every day.

If you didn't catch it a while back on The Farm Report, here's where Matt Mullin ended up. I just can't believe Peter Zezel doesn't have better things to do... Also, this is old news, but Kurt Wickenheiser and Al Rooney have both exited Jacksonville...This story about the UHL and the death of "goon hockey" asks some good questions about what the minors' entertainment mission should be. But it figures: a few nights later Flint played a game with more than 300 PiMs.

And finally, "There's More to Life than Hockey, Volumes 1-3": you'll want to read this devastating piece on Chris and Peter Ferraro and Chris' wife Jennifer, and this one about Brahmas owner Stuart Fraser, and this one about the Spokane Chiefs' Darren Lefebvre.

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