Sunday, January 12, 2003


Well, with 30 shots in the second period alone, maybe the Bats could have put up eight, but 5-0 will do. One impressive thing about this team (and Barnes) is that they play shutout hockey even when it isn't needed, especially in garbage time (think how many 45-minute goose eggs are ruined by a meaningless goal or two).

And how 'bout Ryan Rivard? 29 games without a goal (including his Fort Worth stats, which Pointstreak has yet to merge), then two tallies in one night. With Greenlaw injured, Legault suspended and O'Brien unavailable (he only filled in last night because Darryl McArthur was on call-up), that's huge.

Matt Mullin has left Fort Worth (you'll need Adobe to view that one).

Ok, sorry to harp on poor San Angelo -- it's like kicking out somebody's crutches -- but Saints box scores are more horrifically entertaining than Joe Millionaire. Think everything is going great? That's when the nightmare starts.

Tonight, "Scooter's Skaters" chased Steve DeBus out of the game, but couldn't hold leads of 2-1 or 4-2. They got outshot 49-14 over the last two periods and 9-5 in OT, allowing an astounding full-game total of 67. Then Amarillo pots the winner with 18 seconds left.

Contrast that with Oklahoma City (down 5-4, won 7-5), Laredo (down 4-2, won 8-4) and Tulsa (down 2-1, won 6-2).

But hey, at least they got a point, and the Apes are out of conference.

By the way, I gather this is a more likely place to find disgruntled Saints fans (the better for the team to hear them). Love the Winamp skins.

The only thing worse than being the Saints? Losing to 'em 7-5, then dropping your next four while only scoring one a game. Looks like Odessa should worry about Lubbock (seven points back, two games in hand) for awhile, not Austin (11 up, two in hand).

Almost forgot: Go Iggles! And could the Flyers finally have their act together? Hey, Michal -- it's never "lucky" when your stick is on the ice!

And finally, I'm thinking Darcy, Shayne and Theo have got nothing on Joe Nedney.

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