Sunday, January 26, 2003


Strange fact: until tonight, an Oklahoma team had never won a hockey game when I was watching (a streak that included four Ice Bat victories, a Blazers loss to Odessa, Apes-Oilers on Friday, and, for all intents and purposes, the All-Star Game.

How 'bout Matt Barnes' week? A nice write-up in the paper and two games off (what the heck, it was El Paso and San Angelo, and Brady's good). On a down note, Barnes' Thursday GAA was higher than he's used to, but that's the All-Star Game for ya.

Had a strange non-confrontation at the Bat Cave last weekend (bit of that going around, y'know?). Mitch Cooper put it diplomatically. Roscoe was steamed after Laredo's loss, and who could blame him? Coming off of Tuesday, this was a chance for the Bucks to further prove themselves, as a division rival and a road team. But mostly, the coach was pissed at me, the poor schmuck who happened to be chuckling about something as he wandered into earshot. Apparently convinced that I was mocking him or his team's play (I wasn't), he listened to one question from Mitch (an innocent bystander), then stormed away.

Now, I've had a coach tell me to fuck off. I've had coaches use me as a way to tell his players to fuck off (though that part doesn't make the papers). Same guy, in fact (one guess who, and no, it's not Al Tuer). This was just weird. Mitch and I both know from past interviews that Ruskowski is a super-friendly guy. So I'd like to say here, in this semi-public forum, "sorry for the misunderstanding."

And having said that, I gotta ask, "what's up with that big trade?" As you can probably tell, Austin fans are hardcore acolytes of defense-first hockey. Given Ruskowski's comment, I have to agree with the theory that Schneider could be gone. Florida is very much alive, but a top eight finish remains doubtful. If they get busy with deadline deals or call-ups, that could affect the Rampage and the Bucks. Bringing in Gilmore after losing Gove worked out great, and like Gilmore, Petruic did a lot of damage in the UHL, which Terry saw firsthand. Otherwise, I just don't get the deal. There's no doubt Petruic will be a better player on the Bucks, and they had an extra D-man. But I don't think another scorer is what gets Laredo past the second round.

Penalty Shots
"He looks like a baby moose being born." Is that not the greatest color commentary (from Glenn Healy) ever?

So far so good on Amarillo's road trip. If the next six go like the next two, you could be looking at the Northwest champs. Probably doesn't hurt that nine of the Gorillas' last 19 are against San Angelo, El Paso or Wichita. (Daft joke about Laredo in that same article, however. Classist, at the very least.)

Could "no visors" become part of the CHL's recruiting pitch, or will they adopt the rule as well?

Nice to see someone take a stand against the "HEY GOALIE" chant, even if my friends in Austin are among the best at it. Looking forward to the anti-cowbells rant.

What Jody Hull is to Roger Neilson, Adam Robbins is to Bill McDonald.

And finally... never again will a Scorps fan need to ask, What happened to Alek Stojanov?

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