Saturday, January 04, 2003


Nope -- don't believe in objectivity. Especially not in a blog, which is by definition personal. This ain't journalism.

The truth is, I'm more objective than any fan I know. But a fan I am. I write about what interests me, what I know about and what's compelling. The Bats, the Southern Conference and the former Wiffle clubs come first. It can't be otherwise, any more than the CHL-Underground could have as many Mudbugs fans as Blazers nuts.

For me, it's the schedule as much as anything. This season, I have yet to see Tulsa, Indy, Memphis, Bossier or Fort Worth. I've caught Wichita, Amarillo and OKC one time each. That doesn't mean I can't crunch stats or spout off a semi-informed opinion now and then, but why make a habit of it? (there are enough semi-informed opinions out there). If my December entries were especially Northern Conference-free, that's probably because Wichita didn't hire away Doug Sauter from the Blazers, Amarillo's owners didn't buy the Thunder and the league is not about to take over the Oilers.

So if you want more balanced stuff, visit, where I practice actual journalism and the coverage breaks down equally. Around these parts, I'm sure I'll have more to say about the North around the All-Star game (I'll also see the next night's Tulsa-Amarillo contest) -- and when the Ice Bats beat whoever in the finals.

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