Tuesday, January 14, 2003


Big news from the NHL, where Gary Bettman has found an owner for both Ottawa and Buffalo.

"Billy Davidson is a former player, a Canadian, and a heck of a nice guy," the commisioner said. "He already knows what it takes to run two teams with a lot of unpaid bills. We're thrilled to have him in the league."

In other news... does this mean we can expect the Ice to "sign" George Foreman?

Good thing New Mexico and Corpus don't meet up often, or W.D. Sports might have to hire Eric Bischoff. Alas, the "Frank Cup" isn't in the cards, and the "Frank Quarterfinal" is a long shot. That ought to be motivation enough for both the Rayz and Scorps.

So Brent Scott should be nervous on February 1?

This just in: the real reason for Ottawa's bankruptcy. When a Vegas dinosaur like Paul Anka says "stoned," he means booze, right? (thanks to Blazer Dad for spotting that one).

Worth reading: stories about Memphis assistant Dave Nicholls (I just can't call him "Midnight"), NHL refs, the death of the Tulsa Oilers (in 1984, that is) and a senior league goalie who someone has already suggested Bill Inglis should look into (indeed, Coxe has gone through enough netminders).

The funny thing is, the NHL already has a Bill Davidson, and so did Topeka (that one is now busy with the AWHL and ECHL).

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