Wednesday, January 29, 2003


The Amarillo Globe-News' John Kaltefleiter responds to the Laredo fans today, sort of. He also devotes 143 words to a basically verbatim reprint of the CHL's playoff format, then incorrectly states, "the Gorillas would miss the playoffs by four points if the playoffs started today."

Granted, it's a meaningless, purely theoretical debate, and one that we've already rehashed to death. But if for some reason the rest of the regular season was cancelled and the playoffs literally began today, Amarillo would not only make 'em, they'd be the Northwest champs. Memphis would be fourth and Tulsa would be out (the first tiebreaker is wins).

So is the booster club gonna feed Michael LaPlaca too? More importantly, had he finally had enough, or did he get fired for talking to the press?

Does this mean we get to see Shawn Silver in a toga? Does that consitute legal goalie equipment?

I'm actually in the middle of a whole other blog entry; this was one was written on the fly after receiving the latest edition of The Farm Report. So thanks to Steve as usual (but where's my Faceoff column?!).

Lastly, welcome back to Regan Harper. Play hard, stay healthy. And no, this move doesn't give Tulsa too many vets, if you look three transactions down.

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