Saturday, January 18, 2003

Al Sims' evaluation of the Saints' performance Friday: "It looked like an all-star game to me in [the San Angelo] zone." And to think I was only joking.

You'll have to buy the mag to read it, but the new issue of Indianapolis Monthly has a piece about the stench of hockey (related to the Ice, of course).

In fact, simultaneous diving/hooking calls are somewhat common, and utterly correct. Some would say, "why call either?," and most times, that's what happens. But a hook is still a hook, and turning a stumble into a somersault is just as "unsportsmanlike" as turning nothing into a stagger.

When folks talk about Brett Seguin's NHL equivalent, they usually mention Gretzky or Adam Oates, but he also reminds me of that other Brett. One of 'em starts plays, the other finishes, but both Seguin and Hull are unremarkable skaters (relative to, say, Gerald Tallaire and Sergei Fedorov) who rely on brains, vision, positioning and hands.
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