Wednesday, December 18, 2002


I can only assume Recchi and Primeau's ears were burning from Monday's entry. That Hitch, he can be so droll: "We talked about his girlfriends and things like that," he said of Mo. It's probably good for JR (and good for Hatcher's wallet) that the Flyers and the Stars don't meet again (until late May, of course).

The Ice Bats' impressive three-in-three weekend gives Brent Hughes a shot at All-Star coach for three straight years. Unless, that is, a certain league media guru jinxed him with this press release! Of course I believe Austin will win both its games, but Corpus has beat 'em twice, and the Saints, unbeaten in three, has played some of its best hockey against the Bats at home (albeit in losses).

I'm certain Doug Frank is a different breed, both as a person and a businessman, but does dual ownership ever go well around these parts? The Horn Chen CHL is a separate issue, but in Wiffle history, you had Austin/Little Rock, which almost killed the Bats, Shreveport/New Mexico, which was meant to "save" the Scorps but did enough damage that Frank had to save 'em again, and Corpus Christi/El Paso, which was meant to "save" the Buzzards, but did so much damage that Frank now owns the Rays, with El Paso still waiting for salvation.

Which, by the way, could start taking shape as soon as Friday, depending who you ask. The CHL says no. Other sources, and I'm not just talking about a fan, somebody's wife or 1997's stickboy, say "si."

Last word on Bill McDonald -- it is kind of amazing Lubbock didn't get a player, or at least a future, for him. Look what Al Davis got, and that wasn't in the middle of the season. Incidentally, if you are in ABQ, Macker makes his first major appearance tonight. Read the rest of that release and you'll be reminded that the Scorps play Amarillo Thursday, a game originally schedule for December 21, while Sunday, the team christens a new outdoor rink with a scrimmage in Los Alamos.

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