Wednesday, December 25, 2002


Happy Holidays. And yes, for those of you who read this closely, I did fail to give Amarillo credit for beating Austin twice (since corrected).

Gotta admit, between Bill McDonald, Corpus Christi, and the kettle boiling in El Paso, the Brahmas were the last thing on my mind, but you've probably noticed that hardy Fort Worth fans have a "dump TL" movement under way.

The Brahmas did get value for Mike Tilson, so much so that I'm half-expecting a Fort Worth-New Mexico transaction as Part 2 of the trade. But apparently, there was drama, too.

Speaking of drama, how 'bout the coaching deal at Clarkson University? A story worthy of the bush leagues.

OK, which of you three jokers voted for Craig Coxe?

Brutal headline: 500 See Scorps Fall. IMO, that's questionable editorial judgement, considering the game was originally scheduled for December 21, and the real story that night was the debut of Bill McDonald. Perhaps sales and marketing could have done a better job adjusting to the date change, but is that news? Maybe, but only in the proper context.


"I told the guys (Tuesday) we're looking up at Odessa, not down to New Mexico. Forget about who's behind us. We're looking ahead all the time." - Tracy Egeland

Take that, Macker!

"''If my guys can play hard for 59 minutes and 59 seconds every night, we'll be in good shape." - Brent Scott

Still, most teams try to play 60.

"Players in the Central Hockey League, their days are numbered. They're playing to have a little fun and make some money. If you've got 400 players in the CHL, you have 395 that don't have a chance of going anywhere." - Joe Coombs (Link credit to TFR).

Let's be fair -- more like 375. And a majority of USHL players will be right there with them -- or retired -- in six years.


I don't care what the team says, the new Flyers sweater is not "burnt orange"... The Bush League Factor web site is gearing up again, at least in part because of "Rayz" and Killer Bees... Hope Dorian Anneck finds his scorer's touch under the tree today... Here's a Marvel Comic I would like to see: What If the Austin Ice Bats had hired Todd Lalonde?... They ought have some kind of sports journalism prize for best "Sky is Falling" minor league story, since everybody gets to write one at some point or another... Finally, three fun features I've been meaning to single out forever, on Zambonis from Laredo (thanks for the plug!), plus/minus out of Lubbock and fantasy camps via Edmonton.

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