Saturday, December 14, 2002


Bill McDonald, meet Dennis Franchione.

Yup, another thing to blame on Billy D. I can't really fault Macker – just as Franchione couldn't resist a better deal while shedding the unbearable albatross of NC Double A probation, Macker got a better deal while shedding the unbearable albatross of someone who used to be on NC Double A probation.

But there's no way to sugarcoat the situation: Corpus wins. New Mexico wins. Mark Adams and Bill McDonald win. Lubbock's fans and players get the shaft. The only thing that makes this different from the Lalonde Affair is Macker's better-liked (arguably, TL had a more compelling reason, but handled things so poorly).

If you aren't clicking on the links, you're probably confused, so here's the story: Macker's resignation is a done deal. Or shall I say, a "Dunn deal." Pat Dunn is apparently headed back to Corpus Christi as GM. This was expected. With Bill McDonald replacing him in New Mexico -- not expected.

Presumably, Tracy Egeland will take over as head coach of the C-Kings (think he'll demand the same salary as his former boss?). It will be interesting to see how much time McDonald needs to get the amazingly talented, but inconsistent and injury-plagued Scorps playing a more hard-nosed brand of own-zone hockey. It will also be interesting to see if he brings in any players, off the Kings or otherwise.

I'm sure Egeland will do fine. But what if McDonald puts New Mexico in the playoffs at Lubbock's expense? For now, mark your calendars: New Year's Eve at the Kingdom, January 5 at Tingley.

Oh yeah, and one suggestion for the Scorps – no initiation night for new coaches.


What, the Ice couldn't find Tone Loc a pair of skates? Frankly, I prefer Young MC, though I dug Tone's thespic turn in Heat.

I may be alone on this, but I think Killer Bees is by far the best of all the brand new team names, and way better than the other RGV candidates.

The above link (yet another article by Canadian Press reporter Neil Stevens, btw) was courtesy of The Farm Report, and so is this one, in which a miserable Stars performance earns them a comparison to the Brahmas. That seems unfair: the Brahmas would probably lose to the L.A. Kings 10-0, or 15-2. I realize it's a local angle, but using Austin instead would have firmed up the analogy.

Guess you can't say Long Beach put Dube in goal to boost attendance.

How 'bout starting off a shootout with two defensemen? How 'bout not using any of your top forwards, including the two guys who were hot during the game? Guess Scott was afraid his team would somehow give up a goal if Peach took his green jacket on the ice. He got the win, so kudos.

Trade suggestion: Alexander Daigle for Fedor Fedorov.

And finally, it's either really honest or really stupid, admitting you used to be pro-Billy, and almost went to work for him. But hey, let's welcome back the Warrior!

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