Thursday, November 21, 2002


What are you doing here? The real action is at Nekkid Amazon Hockey, where rumors of major change in Corpus Christi are not without foundation. There's also a thread there with some info on the long-running lawsuit.

I will say this -- despite the rep, including talk of unpaid employees in Corpus now and unpaid Buzzards bills last year, I personally had no problem collecting money owed to me by those two teams. Bill Davidson's brother was especially accomodating in El Paso, and the Rays cut me a check without much trouble. Guess they're smart enough to know you don't want to owe money to a journalist, unlike, oh, say, former Ice Bats merchandiser Marketing Xtreme. Personal to Mike Jones: I'll be at the Bell County Expo Center tonight. Bring cash.

Oops, sorry... can't help ranting. But as long as we're on the subject, yes, the Zamboni Rodeo book tour is finally rolling into Belton. I can only hope Peter Zurba, Jacques Mailhot and the Warrior (whatever happened to him, anyway?) will be there as the Central Texas Blackhawks take on the Phoenix Polar Bears. Looking forward to checking out the junior action.

Continuing with the self-promotion... those of you who you haven't bought a signed, personalized copy of my book, or have been meaning to buy it as a gift, there's no time like the present! I've cut the price to $19.95 for Christmas. Remember, Zamboni Rodeo is only available in Canada and directly from me (by mail, at the Bat Cave or on the road). If you've seen the listing on Amazon ignore it -- that edition will never be released, as the original U.S. publisher... well, let's just say they were the Corpus Christi Ice Rays of the book world.

How much do I have to pay the ECHL to change its name to the "ZRHL"? I got ten bucks. Or how 'bout this -- Global Entertainment could buy the naming rights!... Bossier-Shreveport's Willie Hubloo's gotta be an early candidate for the Rick Kozuback Award...There aren't many CHL players who get to break a record that's stood since 1929... My usual credit to The Farm Report for some of those.

- Brent Scott, October 17: “A mistake I felt (former coach) Eddie (Johnstone) made was he built around (Paul) Vincent and (Robin) Bouchard. We have 18 guys, we have depth. Our third line can be our first line on any night."

- Brent Scott, November 20: “In any business, if you take out your four best personnel, you’ll see what happens. It’s hard on everyone else.”

Congratulations to Chris Due and Billy Welker on new additions to their family. Chris, hope the kid doesn't grow up a Tech fan. Billy, make sure yours doesn't learn too many words from "Uncle Gunner."

Yup, apparently it was a bad goal. Who says Wichita can't get a break? This is not, however, evidence of the league's ongoing anti-Bugs conspiracy. Everybody knows that was only against Plaman.

With so much focus on Tulsa and Austin it's worth mentioning that Odessa, Memphis and Bossier all seem to be just fine. New Mexico too. The standings really knock home a timeless hockey truth: if you're a bad team on the road, you're a bad team... See, unlike some people, Shawn Bradley can skate.

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