Wednesday, November 06, 2002


The Travis County Expo Center lives. So what happens now?

Let's hear it for Roger Neilson. "Just thank a few people, and cut up the Leafs, and that's about it," is how he summarized his speech. If you are not familiar with Captain Video's early coaching hijinks -- using defensemen for penalty shots, taking intentional too-many-men infractions -- read this.

Anybody wanna start a pool on Brent Scott's first suspension? I've got the day before Thanksgiving...Meet the CHL PiMs leader, circa 2018.

Can't blame the Iggie mourners who'd prefer a winning CHL team over a losing AHL squad, but don't kid yourself that the best Iguanas (or Ice Bats) roster could beat the Aeros or the Rampage, any more than the University of Texas could beat the Houston Texans. Maybe it would happen two times out of ten, but overall, there's no comparison. We'll see if the attendance numbers hold, but I have a hard time finding fault with 7 or 8000 people enjoying American Hockey League action in a brand new building for nine bucks a head (five bucks on the upper level)...Did anyone else notice Gord Dwyer worked in Houston Friday, Corpus Saturday and San Antonio Sunday? Does that make him the CHL's best ref?

I look at Lubbock in the standings and think they oughtta be a few points better, but the 3-3-2 start is actually the C-Kings' best under Bill McDonald. Austin's 7-0 mark is also a franchise record. The team was 6-0 in 1997. I read that in a book somewhere.

Speaking of good starts, his numbers are nothing special, but former Bat and CHL defenseman of the year Daniel Tetrault has 10 games with Bridgeport of the AHL under his belt... I was vaguely surprised to score, but how the heck did Newlin get

I'm thinking this is the first-ever hockey story to feature a menudo reference (For you non-Southwesterners, that's menudo with a a small "m", not Ricky Martin's former band)...How often does a hockey coach get to fire a football coach?

SIX PUCK DRILL with Adam Davis
The second year Fort Worth Brahmas defenseman didn't travel far to get to Cowtown -- he spent two seasons with the junior Texas Tornado, including the 2000-2001 NAHL championship campaign. Davis has 1 G, 2As and is a team-best +3 in seven games this year.

Did you ever think you'd play so much hockey in the state of Texas?
No I never thought I'd play hockey in Texas at all. I played one year of junior in Michigan, and then took a year off. When I decided to come back, the Texas Tornado offered me a great opportunity. It's been great, I love it here.

Favorite player growing up?
Mike Ricci--Colorado/San Jose--like the way he played, go out there do anything, go crazy, score, whatever was needed to win.

Favorite Dallas Star?
Sergei Zubov. Like watching the way he works on the point on the power play. Plus he makes such good decisions with the puck.

What's the biggest difference so far between this year's Brahmas team and last year's?
Guys are more of a team, better togetherness in the room. I like the youth on the roster, we seem hungrier to win.

An example of TL's softer side?
You're kidding right? He doesn't have a soft side. On the ice, I haven't seen it. Off the ice though, he's a great guy. Really easy to talk to.

Favorite road trip movie or CD?
I don't care, whatever's in the VCR I watch. I don't usually complain. Most of the time I'm asleep anyway.

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