Friday, November 08, 2002


No games has made the week feel slow, but Thursday sure was busy for transactions. Laredo got Dave Gilmore, a well-travelled WPHLer who was part of Bossier-Shreveport's last championship, and put up numbers in the UHL last year. And with Kholomeyev apparently out for the season, Corpus brought back Shaun Fairweather and cut Matt Sharuga.

Meanwhile, what's up with Kyle Reeves, was he running a Brahmas booster club? Posting on a message board? According to Fort Worth's initial press release, the suspension is "indefinite" for "undisclosed reasons;" a second release mentions "a violation of team rules." All I know is, it's almost midnight and I just tried calling Todd Lalonde and Bill McDonald -- both their lines are busy.

Just kidding. For all I know the guy will suit up Saturday, but it seems to me Reeves never playing for the Bs again is just as possible (see Johnston, Chris). If that turns out to be the case, going back to the coach who knows him best -- for better and for worse -- makes as much sense as anything (if anything makes sense).

Glad I could start a conversation among Saints fans. I was just making a crack, but regardless of what anyone thinks of Scott as a player (big props from the Buzzards days, as far as I'm concerned) or coach (jury's still out), becoming known as the worst ref-baiter of 'em all in a league that also includes Brent Hughes and Don McKee is nothing to be proud of. The rules have changed -- no-tolerance for jawing is a new policy this season handed down from the NHL, along with the inconsistently enforced obstruction crackdown every coach wants to gripe about. It's all in the timing, and the tact. Do it right, and you get to entertain fans with the occasional outburst and work the refs successfully. Do it wrong, and you become a guy the linesmen tell funny stories about at Applebee's.

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