Monday, November 18, 2002

Let's officially put an end to the Manute Bol saga with this picture, which I'm sure at least three hockey players will treasure forever... And if you missed it, ESPN's Page 2 had a cartoon... I guess it pretty much sums up hockey's place in the U.S. sports media universe, that Bol was the biggest story of last week, along with the New York Times picking up on the New Brunswick MVP lawsuit.

Kudos to former Ice Bat and all-around good guy Dan McIntyre, the first ACHLer to be Tom Schettino's player of the week... Let's take a moment to congratulate Mike Modano, too. Also, nice to see Pierre Turgeon and Scott Young have finally arrived... Good analytical, nuts-and-bolts piece on the penalty kill out in Midland last week...Thanks as usual to The Farm Report for some of these links.
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