Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Rosters are due at 5pm today. Amarillo will have Brandon Carper on theirs, a major coup. And I bet Cosmo DuPaul is still walking around with an extra cell phone battery, so he doesn't miss a single call.

Things are always changing in this league. In May, Memphis won the President's Cup, "awarded in recognition of Ray Miron, the CHL's founding father". But according to the league's official preview, "Northern Conference Champion Memphis RiverKings stopped the Southern Conference Champion Austin Ice Bats to claim the Ray Miron President’s Cup." Does it have to go back to the engraver?

If I were Larry King, I'd say that "when you look up class in the dictionary, there's a picture of Dick Moore." And I'd be lying.

Here's a little more on that ECHL forfeit. Charlotte played a guy who'd been released from the AHL but was still on South Carolina's protected list. They lose two standing points, and they can't even acquire him from the Stingrays, because the two teams share ownership. So the guy gets shipped to Trenton. Now, if the ECHL had the same rules as the CHL, Trenton could then sneak him back to Charlotte. But they don't even permit third-party trades between shared-owner teams. This sort of thing is one reason why Express Sports and Horn Chen buying into the Iguanas might not have been so great. Oklahoma City, Indy, Wichita, Memphis (since sold) and San Antonio could have all been banned from dealing for each other's players, even on waiver claims.

Ok, I challenge every fan of every team (besides the Blazers) to come up with a post this detailed.

So who's ready for no hockey in 2004? I can't decide if that would hurt or help the minors. Probably help.

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