Thursday, October 10, 2002


Ok, the Stars looked pretty good. Kapanen's goal was sweet, and no worries re: Turco, or the guys on the PK. Darren Pang totally jinxed Jason Arnott by talking about all that depth at center. More offense would be nice, but worry not -- finer hockey minds than I have picked Modano for the Hart, so they obviously believe Tippett's coaching and the new additions will have a big effect.

Melrose without the mullet was bad enough -- Buccigross just looks wrong without the glasses! What I can't figure out is, how can someone like both the White Stripes AND Creed? And I'm onto him about the "Landslide" thing -- when the column was first posted, all it said was "Smashing Pumpkins." Does that mean John is under 30? Anyway, those links are to his season previews; his weekly round-up is always a good read. He picks the Rangers for the Cup, but what the hell, it's more fun for me to hate them if they're good -- as long as Eric still plays soft.

Meanwhile, Al Morganti says Kings over Islanders. My standard pick sounds normal by comparison. That's right, Flyers over Stars -- based entirely on wishful thinking. I would enjoy my season tickets that much more wearing a black-and-orange sweater. And how great would it be to hear the AA Center "welcome" Hitch?

Was I dreaming, or did Gary Bettman actually say something funny at the Kings game? What's next, an ESPN commercial, like his mentor? Before the broadcast, Bettman pointed out that when Wayne got to L.A., it was the NHL's southernmost city. The next southernmost? Landover, MD. A lot has changed in 14 years, not all of it good.

Melrose said he liked the Morris-for-Drury etc. deal 'cause a good d-man is much harder to come by than a scorer. Might be something to keep in mind as the Cosmo DuPaul rumor mill keeps churning. From what I can tell, fans in two different cities are sure the guy is coming to their club. Who knows, maybe he'll end up on a third.

If Peter Arvanitis really doesn't make the Blazers, there's gotta be a vet spot for him somewhere, assuming he's willing to move on. As for TJ's comparison to the STP line -- sure, Blair Manning is almost as good an assist man as Brett Seguin, and I hear that Burton guy can score, but it might be a little early to put a BCHL/AJHL rookie up there in the league Top Ten... Paul Vincent's dad is helping out the Rampage (he works for the Panthers), but where's Junior?... Ok, maybe my theory about the CHL starting a new version of the IHL isn't so far-fetched. No less an authority than Mike Barnett will back me up.

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