Wednesday, October 23, 2002


No player in his right mind would choose to play in the Quebec Semi-Pro League rather than the CHL, Alamo says, responding to the news that "former Buzzard" Aaron Boh has landed with Mission St. Jean. He joins erstwhile Abilene Aviator Daniel Archambault and long-ago Oiler (and long-time AHLer) Sasha Lakovic. (And, sacre bleu, the hockey player also known as Luscious Larry Lava is on his way.) Granted, most of the players who do it are not superstars, and often past their prime, but in this era of shrinking leagues and stricter vet rules, it's become a legit option. I've been told some players actually make more dough up in Quebec, crazy as that may seem given the exchange rate. Check out the bottom of this thread (from a forum for the London Knights -- the British London Knights, that is, a team Boh used to play for) for further insights.

Of course, sometimes a player goes there for the money and things don't go as planned. So he comes back to Texas and changes the complexion of the Southeast race. Ain't that right, Mr. Richardson?

Anyway, it's amazing just how many WPHL/CHLers are in Quebec, even those who don't speak French. Laval's roster includes Mike Henderson, Mike DeGurse, Mathieu Raby, Mike Tobin, Mike Bajurny, Dan Kopec, Eric Morin and Steve "Roller Hockey Scandal" Vezina, as well as former NHLer Bobby Dollas. The Verdun Dragons have Pierre Gagnon, Patrick Charbonneau, Christian Lariviere, Jean Francois Bouchard and former NHLer Dennis Vial. The likes of Stephane LaRocque, Carl Boudreau, Carl Paradis, J.F. Gregoire and Charles Poulin are also in the league. No doubt I missed a few.

Gotta love that Eric Schneider. Some teams have one line of offense. Laredo has one guy. Guess that makes him the CHL's Paul Kariya. Bucks, Ducks, same diff. (Ok, truth, Laredo has been nothing but impressive, all things considered).

So on the one hand, the Amarillo paper messed up the score of Saturday's win over Wichita. On the other, at least they know his name's not 'Harry.' (credit for those links goes to TFR).

San Angelo fans won't like the latest Hockey News, in which Amarillo-based correspondent David Henry picks the Saints dead last. And that was before Laredo signed Schneider (and before Corpus got DuPaul and Richardson, for that matter)...Bats and Bucks fans, check out Shelly Kanter's pics from last weekend's game... How much do I love this affectionate but extremely bitter New York Rangers piece? The sad thing is, so much of it rings true (except for Blackburn. We'll see about Holik).

Peter Brearley's stats so far: 1 G, 0As, 0.16 BA.

Ooh, sorry, was that "Warrioresque" of me? I was thinking there's a void to fill, now that Howard's got himself a straight job with the Buzzards. As for Brearley, it goes without saying that drunk driving is both serious and thoughtless. Not informing the Scorpions just compounded the mistake.

Why isn't Hayley Wickenheiser playing in our league? Or at least down in Jacksonville for cousin Kurt. And yes, that's Jason Arnott's brother who's her agent. Y'know, if I had a nickel for every time Jason's been traded for Kovalev this season, I'd make as much as Buccigross.

Finally, you gotta feel bad for those disenfranchised Iggie fans. Some are so determined not to support the Rampage that they've begun visiting the courthouse for entertainment. "It's not as exciting as an Ice Bats game," this devotee, who asked not to be identified, told "But there's a better chance my side will win." (Just funnin' with ya Gar!)

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