Thursday, October 17, 2002


My major contribution for the day comes via this Faceoff season preview.

A clarification: Bats forward Jaroslav Kresac is not a rookie in the "less than 25 games" department, because of his pro career back home. But I'm thinking he should still be eligible for Rookie of the Year, a la 1998 WPHL sniper Sami Laine. Or Ichiro.

I sure as hell won't do this every day, but... Corpus over Laredo, 4-2. The Rays are looking better and better (see below). But I also think the Bucks will open a few eyes. In the other contest, home ice+revenge=a Bossier win.

Have you entered Black Flag Video's preseason picks contest yet? The deadline is the 21st, but if there's a tie, early entry wins...Hope there's a place for Roger Lewis in the ACHL, if he wants one. Anyone could use him on their team, though that doesn't mean they should. The vet rule is a demanding mistress... Good to see former Central Texas Stampede chronicler Greg Rajan co-working the beat in Corpus.

We have our first publicly identified bidder for the Dallas Stars... If you haven't already, head over to the league web site. You'll find all the individual team rosters at the right-hand margin, part of the new Pointstreak statistics package.

Have I mentioned my new children's puzzle book, Where's Cosmo? Wagging e-tongues have had the former Lubbock all-star traded to every Southeast team besides Laredo. I suspect this might be the final word, but then again, who knows. Maybe he'll end up in the Northern Conference yet.

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