Tuesday, October 15, 2002


Here's a new one -- Charlotte of the ECHL forfeited its opener after suiting up a player that they didn't have the rights to. Hope they had a translator explain that to the Japanese guy with the hat trick ... Then you've got Mr. Kristi Yamiguchi, who spent 6 minutes in the box even though no penalties were called on him. And Brendan Shanahan, who was credited with a second-period empty netter off of Adam Oates' stick. Wings coach Dave Lewis said he hadn't seen anything like that since the '70s, but Martin Brodeur did something similar two years ago-- and he's a goalie!

Hockey lives on in Bell County. And Tupelo for that matter... Unfortunately for him, Alec Stojanov will be famous forever... Former Austin/Little Rock/Tucson coach Jim Burton is doing nicely in Augusta, where he's become pals with Scotty Bowman... Can you imagine how minor league medical procedure might change if Dave Babych wins his lawsuit?

Austin's secret recruiting weapon? Texas women. Four key players are either married or engaged to locals, and would probably retire rather than skate for someone else. The funny thing is, three of the four met their mates while playing for Central Texas or Waco, not the Bats...You know things are tough when a team as big as Austin won't spring for home game radio. I understand it's money wasted, but at least scrape up a webcast... Guess I put the hex on Maser... And finally, all I can say to this is, take off, hoser!


Austin's Ian Larocque, on his potential role this year:
If they want me on the second line, to try and put up some numbers, that's what I'll try and do. If they want me on the third line, to carry the puck and grind it out, that's what I'll do. If they want me as the tenth forward, that's what I'll do. If they want me on the power play that's what I'll do. If they want me on the PK that's what I'll do. I just want to be part of winning a championship. We've got a pretty deep team, and there's no room for egos in this room.

Ken Hitchcock:
I have always told players that when they have the puck, they are allowed to do what they want. But when the other team has the puck, they have to do what I want. That's how simple it is.

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