Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Did Rhett Dudley really say, "they may beat us on the scoreboard, but they won't beat us in the alley"? Where's Conn Smythe when you need him?

Tom Hicks still expects us to believe he doesn't need the cash?... And my god, if this person thinks the the Flyers are underexposed, they ought to try following the Ice Bats or the Buzzards.

Lubbock boss Bill McDonald thinks 19 year-old rookie Matic Kralj could be the Central Hockey League's first-ever NHL draft pick... It's not often a goaltender's GAA and SP are almost the same number... Ok, I think I got this figured out: shopping malls are to this hockey team as blackjack and peeler bars are to others.

Six Puck Drill
The first of what I hope will be a regular occurrence. This week, current Ice Ray and former Iguana/Channel Cat Ken Richardson

What prompted you to join the Rays
Close to home for my wife, lots of support here for her. Austin looked stacked -- maybe more ice time here.

What are you studying in school?
I'm taking a power engineering class that will certify me to work in refinery plants.

First thing you noticed or were impressed with about Al Sims.
"Simmer"'s knowledge of the game, and his drive to make a disciplined, competitive team.

Which NHLer inspired you?
I grew up an Oiler fan and loved the way the Moose played the game.

Will it be odd going up against former teammates in Odessa, Oklahoma City and Amarillo?
Only against OKC -- I hate them, but Duby is one of my best friends. As well as a rat to play against.

Favorite road trip movie?
Everyone loves Slap Shot, but I don't mind watching re-runs of The Sopranos.

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