Friday, October 25, 2002


Another weekend of hockey means an end to the suspense. Will El Paso win a game? (Yes). Will Laredo? (Doubt it). Will the entire Blazers roster pass Laredo's in the goals department? (Probably not, but hey, the Bucks have two in hand). I gotta believe the Bugs will keep the end-is-nigh segment of the OKC fan base thriving for another night (but just one more). All I could think as I read Thursday's Indy-Bossier boxscore, was "geez, Ken McRae must feel like he's still with Austin."

I might have nominated John Murphy as the player least likely to hook up with Todd Lalonde again, despite their lengthy history. After TL left Central Texas for Fort Worth and the Stampede had that awful gong show of a final game, Murphy was the most angry/honest player in the room. But time heals all wounds, even ones not caused by sticks or pucks. Anyway, all I really want to know is, why the divorce from Kim Deal?

Shaun Fairweather and Chris Hollens are now ex-Ice Rays...A future addition to the family is why Ken Richardson and his wife came back to Texas from Quebec. So congratulations, welcome back and just FYI, Shawn Legault wears #21 (ah, if only Legs could put up 20-30 goals)... So is it too soon to wonder how many ex-Iggies Colorado can trade for in the spring? Guess there was no way Chris Stewart could take a page from Taylor Hall, who had five members of his '96-'97 Scorps team conveniently stashed in Europe or another league so they could come to Corpus free and clear (that would be the second thing Stewart didn't take from the Rays GM, if you're keeping score).

So how many games do you think the Lightning will lose their first-round playoff series in? I'm gonna say five... Blazers fans, you should know the folks at SMG are just as loved in England. What happened at last night's Manchester Storm-Belfast Giants game sounds a lot like that Stampede finale, come to think of it... Even Tom Schettino wonders why Tim Findlay doesn't have a job.

Hockey Enforcers has an article on Laredo's Dion Hyman...Pat Burns without the mustache is just plain wrong. The fact that I can't find a picture of him without the mustache, even wronger. There's one in the latest Hockey News, along with a must-read obit of goaltender Chuck Rayner. I don't know what's cooler, that he scored (essentially) on a breakaway, in full gear, or that he was part of a platoon that rotated every several shifts.

And I can't decide how I want to follow up that thought, so choose your own kicker:

A) Who knew? I thought that only happened when the Brahmas needed to rest their forwards.
B) Right now at least one Blazers season ticketholder is stroking his chin and going, "hmmmh."
C) Isn't that how the Flyers did it in 1997? That wasn't on purpose?

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