Monday, October 07, 2002

'79. '80. '81.

Those are the numbers that jump out at ya when you look at Fort Worth's roster, and they aren't point totals. Todd Lalonde isn't merely paying lip service to the notion of development -- he has 11 players in training camp who were born in 1979 or later. That could be fun to watch, and the team does have two solid vets in Joe Van Volsen and Chad Michalchuk as well as super-sniper Kyle Reeves. Still, it's risky. Memphis, Bossier-Shreveport and Oklahoma City are sure to be their usual winning selves. Tulsa is ready to improve, Amarillo stocked up big with new arrivals and Indy's gotta be a factor under former Bats assistant Ken McRae. Can a line-up of young whippersnappers give the Brahmas games in April?

By the way, congratulations to Fort Worth mouthpiece Jeff Bowerman, who is third in the CHL scoring race with no games played, just behind "teammate" Van Volsen. (Point Streak, the league's new statistical provider, has been testing out their system).

Think hockey in Texas was unlikely? Check out hockey in Great Britain... On a related note, here's a picture of the Queen...It's never funny when an NHL player gets arrested for drunk driving, but I gotta admit, my first reaction was, Denis Arkhipov is Nashville's leading scorer? Who the heck is he? Alas, if you played for the Predators last year, 20 goals was good enough.... Hey, is Tulsa's Pat Hallett related to this guy? Just wondering.

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