Tuesday, December 03, 2002


And here we have my latest Faceoff.com article, featuring the Ice, the Memphis goaltending gaffe and other news and notes.

Don't believe the hype re: Corpus Christi? Actually, I'm thinking that you should. Just because someone says something is going to happen in two weeks and it takes two months, or even two years, doesn't mean it isn't true. The WPHL and CHL did merge. Michael Jordan did come out of retirement. R.C. Slocum did get fired. And yeah, sure, nothing's happening with the Rays.

Hey, do you think someone with an Ivy League education would be more qualifed than most retired hockey players to work in a front office? Just wondering.

So when Craig Coxe said he had something in the works, I figured the Buzzards had a bead on Eric Lindros, or at least Mike Danton.

Instead, they get Blaine Russell, who I guess is one of the best goaltenders in North America if that means the top 200 (nothing personal Blaine, there's 20 other CHLers you could say the same about). Meanwhile, Joey Grasso and Mathieu Paul both made a difference in their Buzz debut.

But alas, the Buzzards' winning ways lasted just one night, and really, there was nothing impressive about beating on a team that's probably playing the worst hockey in the CHL right now (and definitely the worst road hockey).

Nevertheless, I don't completely disagree with my favorite blindly optimistic booster. The new additions by themselves -- Kenny Moore is another -- are no big whoop, but once Linna and Guzior are back, at least the team will have three competent lines.

Plus there's trade talk. What's significant about all this activity is not the quality of the moves, but the mere fact that El Paso would swap an unproven rookie goalie for a former starter (a choice they refused to make in training camp), and actually pick up salaries while also paying two guys on IR (if only for a week).

Who knows, maybe the increased attendance means the Buzzards have some cash in hand. Or maybe there's more to go around 'cause someone is about to, oh, I dunno, sell another business he's involved in?

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